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Canadian Travel Nurse Agency

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Who We Are

We connect nurses with jobs that fit like a glove...

While also providing true community & strong support.

Northern Med is a preferred Canadian travel nurse agency, proudly based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We specialize in recruiting quality healthcare professionals and connecting them to Canadian communities, from coast to coast.  In addition to rewarding assignments, exceptional wages, and paid travel + accommodations, NMC fosters a strong sense of community and ensures each member of the team is supported at every stage of their travel nurse journey.

Flexible Lifestyle
Renewed Passion
Exceptional Wages
Flexible Lifestyle

Your happiness matters.

We don't simply place nurses wherever there's a need & hope it works out. We match nurses to their ideal positions - which means happy nurses providing exceptional levels of patient care.

As a point of pride, Northern Med spends an incredible amount of time ensuring our nurses are placed in positions that fit them perfectly. 

Unlike most agencies during the matching process, we evaluate placements through a thorough lens; considering things like professional competency & skill, family needs, geographical preferences, work-life balance requests, and a number of other metrics. The result is happy nurses who excel in their jobs and provide exceptional levels of care.

Women Jumping In The Air with Wilderness Behind Her

Hear from our nurses across the country...

We are so proud of our Northern Med nurses; super heroes doing incredible work in their field.

"Everyone at Northern Med has been so kind and they really do care!"

“I'm very happy I decided to take a contract with Northern Med! The staff that I have interacted with have all been so kind and they really do care and make an effort to check in with you. Whenever issues came up, they were quick to address the situation. I loved Nova Scotia so much that I actually extended my contract! I made lots of friends and was able to explore a part of Canada that I probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for travel nursing.”

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Vanessa Q.

NMC Travel Nurse

"I remember always being told my full-time line was the end goal as a new nurse, yet I still felt there had to be more out there for me."

“One year ago, I took a leap of faith. I remember always being told my full-time line was the end goal as a new nurse, yet I still felt there had to be more out there for me. I quit my line, gave away my belongings, signed my first contract and haven’t looked back since. Life has always been good to me, but this season of full-time travel nursing has been unparalleled. Big thanks to NMC for being such a supportive agency and for proving that a fulfilling career and a beautiful adventurous life should exist simultaneously. We don’t need a vacation from a life like this.”

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Kaleigh V.

NMC Travel Nurse

"10/10 Best agency around."

“I’ve worked for multiple agencies across Canada over the last few years and NMC is truly the best - besides the basics you’d want from any travel nurse agency - they’re also: authentic, by-nurses-for-nurses, and pay the highest base wage! I send all my colleagues to NMC because of how great they’ve treated me; how they work with and support me.”

Picture of Testimonial

Kaitlyn G.

NMC Travel Nurse
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