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Have questions about travel nursing?

We have the answers.

Where would I live?

Accommodation options vary from location to location, and include: hospital residences, apartments, airbnbs, and hotels. In every case, Northern Med will cover accommodation costs.

After on-boarding, the Northern Med team will walk you through accommodation options available in your location(s) of choice!

How do I "make my own schedule"?

As a Northern Med travel nurse, you can to decide when and where you work. You apply for assignment opportunities that work for your schedule, and we take care of the rest.

How long do placements last?

Assignments vary in length. The Northern Med team will work closely with you to find an assignment that works best for your schedule, in your ideal location.

Interestingly, in some cases there are bonus incentives for longer assignments - which can be an attractive option for some.

Do you cover the travel & accommodation costs?

Yes! Travel and accommodations are always covered, regardless of the assignment location. We've got you!

What are the wages like?

While each province varies slightly, all travel nursing base wages are exceptional! There is often ample opportunity for overtime, a well. 

Beyond these traditional forms of income, many provinces also offer specific monetary incentives such as bi-weekly bonuses, generous per diems, and other benefits. For more precise information, contact us directly.

What does orientation look like?

Travel nurses can expect to receive a minimum of 1-2 orientation shifts at the beginning of each new placement. While orientation periods are short, safety and exceptional professional capacity are our top priorities. And, of course, our Northern Med team is always available to support you through your entire assignment!

Is it hard to get a licence to practice nursing from other provinces?

Obtaining a licence to practice nursing in other provinces is a fairly straight forward process. What's better is our Northern Med team can provide support throughout the process to ensure you're ready to roll by the time you hit the road!

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