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Survive & Thrive on contract - ask me anything!

April 17, 2024
Elizabeth Peters

“Will I be lonely on contract?”

Honestly, maybe! Moments of loneliness are normal for all of us. Living away from home can be exciting, but also nerve wracking. Don’t get stuck in the feeling of isolation. Remember you may be outside of your comfort zone but you are not truly isolated.

Magic happens in the uncomfortable.

Travel nursing attracts a certain kind of adventure seeking, flexible, open hearted person - so I know it won’t be hard for you to conquer this challenge as well. Keep a good attitude and explore how best to beat the stretches of loneliness.

How to avoid loneliness - as tested by Libby RN

Travel with a friend - If the logistics line up, I am always recruiting friends (new or old) to join on contract. Many hospitals have multiple needs, even if you and your friend are different specialties.

Make friends with coworkers - It can be hard being the newbie, I know. A tried and true strategy I have (coming from someone who meets a new community/staff every other month); I will ask coworkers what their favourite X is.

○“ What’s the best restaurant around here?”

○ ”What hike should complete while I’m here?”

○“ is it worth it to visit to X area.“

At the very least I get to know local favourites and a bit of town lore; and more often than not, the person I’m asking will offer to join! Win Win!

Bucket list every new town - What do you usually like to do? I make a bucket list of all my favourite activities to try and complete them in my new work location. Keep a good balance of rest/digest activities and fight/flight adventures to avoid exhausting yourself. Examples of mine below:

○ Try out every cafe in town.

○ Hit the top rated hikes on AllTrails (or coworkers suggestions)

○ Complete a to do list productivity item I’ve been slacking on (recertifications, taxes, organizing one of my tech devices, etc.)

○ Plan my upcoming time off - fun travel, visiting family, setting up dates with friends.

○ Complete a new book or Netflix series.

○ Virtual coffee dates catch up with a family member or friend on days off.

*Bonus* Bring your pet - I don’t have any pets currently, but I know other travellers who come to contract with their pets! Bringing your furry friend on contract seems like the best way to keep a piece of home with you.

Check out my active bucket list below for my current NS contract:

Jump into travel nursing and try some of these strategies out! Travel nurses are the most adaptable industrious people I’ve met in this world, and I know we can all conquer this challenge.

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